Athletes of all ages can hit roadblocks in their journey to reaching their full potential. As a result, they may give up their dream of playing in high school, college, or going pro. To learn more about how to overcome obstacles and gain confidenceclick here

Carl Lewis

If you don't have self-confidence you will always find a way not to win.

Coaches/Athletic Directors 

Coaches may see highly skilled players lose their confidence. They may have a team that doesn't come together as a unit, or they may want to know how to utilize mental skills with their teams. Athletic Directors may want to improve their entire athletic program by incorporating mental skills training. Finally, Dr. Fahlberg is known for her work on hazing prevention that can change the mindset of an entire team. Get more information here


The new world of youth sports has become more and more competitive over the last few decades.  Athletes are being identified by college coaches now as early as middle school, while competition in high school, college, and beyond has become fierce.  To learn more about how to help your athlete, click here

- Inability to stay focused 

- Worry and anxiety 

- Loss of confidence 

- Fear of making a mistake 

- Feeling negative before competition

- Inconsistency with mechanical aspects of your game

- Inability to control your anger at officials, teammates, your    coach, or even yourself

​​Have you ever found yourself, your players, a son, or daughter,  experiencing any of these or other common problems?​


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