The secret to winning  football games is working more as a team. I play not my 11 best, but my best 11.

Knute Rockne

College Football

Hall of Fame Coach

Coaches have a variety of choices when choosing to create a mental skills training program for their team, depending upon their goals.  For example, if a team is not living up to its potential a coach may want one-on-one training for specific individuals or may want the training for entire team. ​ However, to improve team unity, set team goals, or improve team communication, for example, it is necessary to work with the entire team. Sometimes coaches may need help in identifying why their athletes seem to lack motivation or under perform. The best training program for a team is the one that will identify problems and implement solutions. Therefore, programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs specific to each team.  Teams located within the service area can receive a free, one-hour workshop that will explain how mental skills training works and how it can address their performance issues.  If you are interested in preventing hazing on your team, please see Hazing Prevention.

For coaches who would like to learn how to integrate mental skills into their regular practices with their teams, 1 on 1 programs or group workshops are available. These programs are customized to meet the needs of the coach(es). If you feel that you would like to utilize mental training with your team, please call Dr. Fahlberg to discuss options.

Coaches/Athletic Directors

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