Athletes of all ages can hit roadblocks in their journey to reaching their full potential. As a result, they may give up their dream of playing in high school, college, or going pro. Some athletes become worried and tense as the level of competition and stakes become higher, which leads to problems with performance. Other times, athletes lose self-confidence even in the face of indisputable talent which prevents them from moving forward. In fact, professional athletes can encounter problems and without the right assistance, their career can stop before it barely gets started.

It’s important to understand that athletes at any age are rarely taught the mental skills necessary to keep them progressing in their sport, so if you find yourself unable to fix a problem, you’re not alone. In fact, about 80% of young athletes drop out of organized sports by the time they reach age 13, often because they have not developed the mental skills to get them over the roadblocks.

If you’ve hit a wall and need to develop the mental skills that will get you to the next level, then The Promising Athlete is here to help.

1 on 1 mental skills training is highly recommended to give you the skills you need. Training is affordable and each athlete will set individual goals to address their unique concerns.  For more information on the process, see the FAQ's


Dr. Fahlberg  helped me so now, whenever I am on the court, I have these two boxes in my head, one that says "later" and one that says "trash." These help me because if there is a serious situation that happened and I have a game, I can put it in the later box so it won't affect my skills while I'm on the court but if it's a problem that is not that serious but it affects me in a bad way I can put it in the trash box. 

Kelvin Cordero 
Age 16
Lowell MA

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